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Anna Hibiscus' Song set
Anna Hibiscus's Song-173
Anna Hibiscus's Song-124
Anna Hibiscus's Song-031
Anna Hibiscus's Song-110
Anna Hibiscus's Song-060
Anna Hibiscus's Song-010
Anna Hibiscus' Song 
Adapted by Mojisola Kareem-Elufowoju from the book by Atinuke and Lauren tobia
utopia theatre and Sheffield Theatres

Director  Mojisola Kareem-elufowoju
Lighting Designer  Alexandra Stafford-Marshall
Production Photographs ©Suzanne Wynne
Digital set design model created using Blender 3D
Kevin Jenkins’ set is bright and vibrant, beautifully recreating a Nigerian front porch, complete with clothes drying on a washing line, while the original songs are catchy and simple enough for small children to join in with. With the house lights up and the auditorium given a more intimate in-the-round reconfiguration, the bond between performers and audience is strengthened. The Stage
The scenery is delightful - washing hanging from lines strung around the stage, mangoes ripening in the baking Nigerian heat, the beautiful bougainvillea flowering beside the busy house Anna shares with her mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The Star
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